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1st June 2015: Hofesh Shechter – Barbicans.

Sadler’s Well’s theatre, home to dance in London and for one week late September it is also home to Hofesh Shechter Company as they showcase a trilogy exposing different takes on intimacy, passion and the banality of love…….Read More.


11th June 2015: Richard Alston Dance Company “Alston At Home” The Place,
Celebrating their 20th Birthday Richard Alston Company present ‘Alston at Home’ at The Place, the same venue where it all started with their very first opening show in 1994.
The show opens with a world premiere  ‘Opening Gambit’, choreographed by Martin Lawrance who is also celebrating 20 years with the company!.....Read More


15th April 2015: Matthew Bourne’s “The Car Man” New Wimbledon Theatre,

Suspense, lust, and passion are the first three words that spring to mind when describing  Matthew Bourne’s dance-tragedy The Car Man, a re imagined story of Bizet’s Carmen set to the same desirable score. Bourne’s version of this production first premiered in 2000 and 15 years on it is still as scandalous and impressive now as it was then....Read More.


21st March 2015: Candoco Dance Company & Jerome Bel “The Show Must Go On”. Sadlers Wells Theatre,

Its 7.30pm on Saturday 21st March 2015 at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, the stewards usher the last few stragglers into their seats and the usual background murmur of anticipation that fills a theatre is brought to silence as the lights go down and ‘Tonight’ from West Side Story starts playing....Read More


5th March 2015: Rasta Thomas’ Dance Company in Romeo and Juliet
It’s the greatest love story of all time, William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. Always a popular story for dance companies to interpret due to the passion and tragedy of the narrative and now Rasta Thomas adds himself to that list through his eclectic take on the classic....Read More.


27th Aug 2014: Got To Dance Sky1 7.30pm

From playing the good looking star in the hit film "Coyote Ugly" to dancing the leads in West End Shows like "Tap Dogs" and "Saturday Night Fever", Adam Garcia is a bit special! We would like to wish him and his dancers the best of luck on "Got To Dance" tonight. Adam you are a real star, a truly nice guy and we are proud to have worked with you!


31st May 2014: Flash Mob - Where Dance Worlds Clash. Sadlers well's Peacock Theatre.

It was very interesting to watch “Flash Mob” as the Producers, Martin and Marina Blore, have brought together many of the top acts from the TV Dance Shows and combined them, and the styles of dance they represent, into a single Show.  We attempted to do this with “Revolution”, our hit West End Show, in the belief that by fusing two or more styles of dance together, you create the conditions for something new to appear – something which is more than the sum of the parts.  The “Flash Mob” is the bringing together of the various dancers and their dance styles.  It is the beginning of the creative process.......Read More.


28th March 2014: Dincwear Review for 'Hairspray' At The Curve Theatre Leicester.

The theme of “Hairspray” is quite simple:  Just because people are different (size or colour) doesn’t mean you have to treat them differently – you should treat everyone the same.  Set in 1962, Tracey, played by Rebecca Craven, first overcomes her size to become a dancer on a hit TV show, and then uses her new-found popularity to undermine the segregation of black and white dancers......Read More.


5th April 2014: Savion Glover – Sole Sanctuary at Sadlers Wells,

When we put on our hit West End Dance Show “Revolution”, which featured the best UK dancers in Tap, Hip-hop, and Contemporary dance, it was the first time I had seen tap dancing live on Stage ‘watch the “Revolution” Trailer". The Tap stars of “Revolution” were Adam Garcia and Douglas Mills, who had been the lead dancers in the International Phenomenon “Tap Dogs”.  Watching Adam and Douglas rehearse and perform “Revolution”, I completely fell in love with tap dancing.  And when you fall in love with tap dancing you keep hearing one name over and over again – Savion Glover.....Read More


5th April 2014: An Evening With Pasha and Katya - Lyric Theatre

It is beginning! As our regular followers will acknowledge, Dincwear has been arguing for a while that “Dance” is about to see a phenomenal rise in its popularity, with the very top dancers gaining the sort of recognition that we presently associate with footballers and pop stars etc.  Last week we reviewed the performance of one such example, Savion Glover, perhaps the first modern superstar of tap dancing.....Read More



I was lucky enough to see Michael Jackson perform at Wembley in 1988 and it remains the best £30 I have ever spent – I kept the ticket!  Whatever you may think of Michael Jackson the person, Michael Jackson the performer was one of the greatest – if not the greatest – entertainers of all time.  His songs are now classics and continue to sell in their millions, plus his dancing was just indescribable – it really had to be seen to be believed.....Read More

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