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Chrissy Brooke, Winner of ITV'S new show 'Dance Dance Dance
Jenny Hayes, Richard Alston Dance Company
Adiarys Almeida. Principle Ballerina. 'Love my Dincwear!'
Christina Andrea. 'Thanks for my awesome new Dincwear racer back top'
Cordelia Braithwaite, star of Sir Matt Bourne's 'The Red Shoes'.
Lisa Scott Lee from Steps!!
Brittany Cherry. Star of 'Dancing With The Stars' and the dancer in Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud' video. 'Thanks Dincwear for the scarf-jacket combo! It's super fun to dance with'.
Joanne Clifton. Star Of 'Strictly Come Dancing' and Winner in 2016. Probably the comfiest to dance in AND I use it for every day wear too!
Little Mix
Adam Garcia
Adrienne Canterna, star of the 'Bad Boys Of Ballet'. 'My favourite Bodysuit!' 'I live in that leotard!'
Karen Clifton. Star of 'Strictly Come Dancing' -
Penelope Cruz Wearing Dincwear
Duplicate (Tobias Mead and Jak Tuite Leach). Winners of 'Got To Dance' 2014.
Perrie Edwards. Little Mix
Shauna Finn, Pro Dancer with DWTS Ireland
Brian Friedman
Bethany Garner. Principle Dancer With Scottish Ballet. 'I love wearing your dance wear!'.
Dollie Henry. BOP. 'Loving my super fitting, ultra comfy and very flattering Dincwear Leggings!'
Chloe Hewitt. Star of 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
Pasha Kovalev. Star of 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
Natalie Lowe. Star of 'Strictly Come Dancing'. 'Love practicing in Dincwear!'.
Valeria Milova :
Pascalle Paerel. Dutch National Ballet.
Giovani Pernice. Star of Strictly Come Dancing
Ashley Shaw. Star of Sir Matt Bourne's 'The Red Shoes'. 'Rocking my new Dincwear leotard and leggings for class this morning! I love them!'.
Leila Stewart. Star of 'Strictly Come Dancing. SA.' 'My favourite pair of leggings I've ever owned!'
Zizi Strallen
Nicolette Whitley (pictured with Adiarys Almeida)
Kimberly Wyatt.
Chris Trenfield. Star of Sir Matt Bourne's 'The Red Shoes'. 'Wearing my Dincwear Muscle Top - love it!'
Emily Barker, Pro Dancer on 'Dancing With The Stars Ireland'.
Ksenia Zsikhotska
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